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International Sign in Practice

International Sign in Practice is a cooperation between equalizent Wien and Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju "PITAGORAS" in Poland. The aim is to develop, film and test a basis course in International Sign.

International Sign is used by deaf people throughout Europe (and the world) to achieve efficient cross-border communication. Therefore, our aim is to reach three target groups that are already familiar with sign language. These are:

  • deaf people
  • sign language teachers
  • sign language interpreters

Our course will be available online (participants have to register but participation is free) in digital formats.

Once we have finished developing curriculum and materials, we will pilot the course. The aim is to prepare (deaf) sign language teachers to teach International Sign courses at elementary level.

With our course, we intend to provide deaf people wanting to work internationally with greater communication possibilities. With International Sign, deaf people are able to participate in training in other countries, as well as take part in European educational projects, thus increasing their mobility and employability.

Hearing and deaf sign language interpreters have the opportunity to improve their skill set.

Our course includes educational materials in digital formats: curriculum, training materials and training plan for 10 modules, as well as a glossary of at least 300 International Signs on video.