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Financial Signs

The project "Financial Signs”is designed to enable young deaf people learn better financial skills through the development of three work packages.

Work package 1:
What information, training and services are already available for deaf people (in sign language)? We are developing a digital map to show good practices in Austria, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia. All information is in sign language with (easy reading) plain language texts.

Work package 2:
We are developing animated videos in sign language to explain 10 different financial skills. These include: How do I create a budget? What can I do with my savings? The videos are subtitled with plain language texts. There will also be an ÖGS vocabulary list of complicated financial terms with pictures and explanations in plain language.

Work package 3:
We are also developing a blended learning training course based on the strengths and needs of deaf young people and youth workers. We are planning a weeklong training seminar for deaf youth workers, who then pilot the training with 40 deaf young people in-country.

Visit our web site: https://www.financialsigns.eu/

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