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Deaf Studies (DCHD)

Welcome to our new project "Deaf Culture, Heritage and Diversity"!

Our goal is to help deaf youth and youth workers learn more about Deaf Studies.

Deaf studies means: learning about deaf people, their community, culture, and sign language.

We want them to understand and respect deaf culture, heritage, and diversity better.
We hope to give deaf youth workers the tools and information they need to support deaf youths.

Heritage means: the special things from the past that we keep and remember, like stories and traditions.
Diversity means: having different kinds of people, like different cultures, languages, or backgrounds.


Deaf Studies is about deaf culture, heritage, diversity, and sign language.
It's usually taught in colleges and universities, so people who don't become interpreters or sign language teachers often miss out.

Deaf youth often learn about their culture from interpreters in mainstream schools, not from a good Deaf Studies teacher.
But it's important for them to understand their culture and be proud of it.
Youth workers are in a great position to do this but they often don't have the materials they need to teach Deaf Studies.

Project goal:

The goal of the project is to help deaf youths understand and enjoy Deaf Studies, their culture, community, and history.
We want to bring knowledge about Deaf Studies directly to deaf youths.

We train deaf youth workers in Deaf Studies so they can share their knowledge with deaf youths.


Our project will have results and materials

  • Workshops: We design and offer workshops designed for youth workers,
  • providing them materials to teach Deaf Studies.
  • Trainings: We organize trial trainings to help youth workers understand how to teach Deaf Studies.
  • Videos: Wee make videos to make learning about Deaf Studies fun.
  • Dissemination: We promote information about our project and Deaf Studies.
  • Network: We build a network of deaf youth workers, to work together and share ideas. 

Our Focus:

Our most important target group is youth workers aged 18 and older they are motivated to support deaf youths.
By improve their skills and provide materials, we hope for better support for deaf youths aged 16-25.